Hate: Fight or Ignore

On Saturday, August 12th, the nation and the world witnessed the quiet university town of Charlottesville Virginia erupt into chaos around a park with a statue of a Confederate general. Statues like this one are positioned all across the south to remind the nation that many were willing to die in order to continue to subjugate an entire race of humans. They are monuments to those whom led the rebellion and are considered heroes to some of their decedents and those who have co-opted the tenets of those who consider themselves superior to all races.

In the wake of the murder of a young vibrant caring woman and the intentional wounding of many more our president for almost three days refused to denounce the organizers of the alt-right protest as his supporters. All he had to do was name them, call out their agenda, and order his AG to immediately investigate the leaders of the many white supremacist groups. Instead he insinuated that it was all groups who were at fault. Said that extremists were to blame…well, he also calls those who rightfully demand clean air and water or equal justice under the law, or economic equity, or racial justice as extremists – so NO it wasn’t all!